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We shall talk briefly by what profession paths each level has a tendency to trigger, and our recommendations for each level.

Exactly what course should I select?

Unlike choosing HSC topics, there is no scaling implications or any such thing regarding special 'rules'. University is solely about your self - choose the course or courses that interest you. As an example, if within the HSC, you did very well for economics and tend to take pleasure in the subject, choose Commerce or Economics at university. In the event that you really enjoyed chemistry or biology, shoot for medicine, medical science, pharmacy, optometry, physiotherapy or veterinary science. There are numerous opportunities, each with different goals at heart.

We don't have any recommendation that is specific of degree you choose, except that you ought to surely select course you are truly enthusiastic about. If you choose something you're good at whether you want to earn a high salary or contribute to your field, you will do well. There's no point in selecting Commerce/Law or other highly demanded courses, simply because your UAI had been 99+ but you don't have any interest in commerce and/or legislation. Pupils who do this have a tendency to be sorry for their choices after having a couple of years, whereas students whom choose levels centered on their interests are generally more fulfilled and do better in their degree and future job. There isn't any replacement for the motivation and normal aptitude you'll get from doing one thing you like, with no matter that which you do, if you do it well, you're going to get what you would like (whether it's a higher wage, recognition, contribution to your field etc).
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When you yourself have a particularly keen curiosity about biology, chemistry, and assisting other people, this is a course you are able to think about doing. However, we recommend against choosing medicine your money can buy. We will discuss this point a bit later on.

Long ago, medicine entry used to be entirely on such basis as UAI. However it happens to be forced up so high that the universities have decided to utilize the UMAT exam and interviews as extra selection requirements. Officially, the minimal UAI for medicine at reputable universities is 95, however the median entry for medicine at reputable universities has typically held it's place in the reduced 99s. This will be in extra to your UMAT and interview requirements, so medicine can be considered probably the most course that is competitive get into.

Nonetheless, as stated, we recommend against medicine as an optimum choice if you'd like to make large sums of cash in your job. The straightforward truth is that you'll not be making large amounts of money and soon you have been in your 30s, as well as in present value terms (remember - http://Ms-Jd.org/search/results/search&keywords=remember/ your customer arithmetic in year 10?) it's just not worth the difficulty - http://www.internetbillboards.net/?s=difficulty. For similar UAI (and offered that you're bright enough to attain 99+) you're best off investing your strong abilities as a legislation level (see above). Jobs in law offices, investment banks and other jobs in high finance can potentially spend multiples of just what a senior physician can make.

Take this advice with a grain of salt, but, because you will only get what you want if you're interested in what you're doing as we said at the beginning of this page. Consequently, if you enjoy medicine, get it done. This is a extremely fulfilling and also the pay is very full of all respects.

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